Seared Tuna Steak with Wasabi Sesame Crust


Seared ahi tuna with wasabi sesame crust!


1 fillet of tuna steak

1 tbsp sesame seaweed mix (can find in asian markets)

2 tsp wasabi

Reduced soysauce (to taste)

Seaweed salad (can find in asian markets)

Reduced soysauce instructions:

  • 1/2 cup soysauce
  • 1/4 cup sugar

Reduced soysauce directions:

  1. Boil the soysauce and sugar until it bubbles and foams, turn down the head to low for another 5 minutes and pour into a bowl
  2. refrigerate until ready to use!


  1. mix the sesame seaweed flakes with the wasabi until it becomes a paste
  2. smear the paste onto both sides of the tuna steak
  3. sear the steak, about 45 seconds on each side
  4. cut into slices and plate!
  5. arrange seaweed salad and drizzle with reduced soysauce



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