DIY Meat & Cheese Plate with Truffle Popcorn!


I don’t know about you, but I can eat meat and cheese plates for every meal! It’s very easy to make your own, just make sure you have something for every preference!

Meat: make sure you have something fatty, something spicy, something plain, something salty

Cheese: You should have a variety of something mild, strong, salty

On the sides: it’s nice to have some bread or crackers to go with it, it cuts down the sharpness of the cheese and saltiness of the meat. I personally like toasted Pumpernickel bread. And perfect to have something sweet to go with such a heavy palette, so grapes would be nice. But the best part of any meat and cheese board is the honey!! I made my own truffle honey, which goes great with every type of cheese.

Below I have some truffle popcorn, cause, well, I can! Just drizzle some truffle oil in with the butter and pour that onto your popcorn. Delicious!


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