DIY Homemade Sushi and Tuna Tataki!


I love to make sushi! And I finally, FINALLY found some half decent Tuna here! I made Tuna Tataki, spicy tuna and salmon rolls and salmon and tuna sushi!

While I was making the rice and sushi, I marinated a chunk of tuna in Soba and Soysauce and a drizzle of truffle oil. I don’t really think I need instructions for the sushi part, since it’s pretty basic, cook sushi rice, let it cool, placed sliced fish on top. As for the sushi rolls, place down nori, spread rice, put what every you want inside, roll.

For the Tuna Tataki, I just seared the top and bottom of the fish and sliced it and drizzled some more soba sauce on top and sprinkled nori mix. Seriously, this dinner was extremely easy to make, and since it didn’t require much cooking, this didn’t take me long at all, it’s just more of the preparation of fish and slicing.


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