Riceless DIY Sushi!


Rice-less Sushi! I’ve been feeling pretty swollen lately, so I decided to try cutting out carbs for a little bit. And I made some salmon wrapped sushi!


  • Fresh salmon – sliced thin
  • Seaweed paper
  • cucumbers – julienne
  • Avocado – julienne
  • Japanese Mayo
  • Sriracha


  1. Lay out seaweed on sushi roller
  2. add cucumbers and avocados
  3. drizzle with mayo and sriracha and roll
  4. make sure the roll is tight and line your counter with plastic wrap
  5. lay down sliced salmon
  6. roll the sushi you just made with the salmon and plastic wrap, twist the ends of the wrap and refrigerate
  7. Wait for it to set for about half an hour, now slice into pieces!




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