DIY Glittered Shoes


Have an old pair of heels that you don’t like anymore? LOVE GLITTER?

I got bored of my nude pumps, they were more white than nude, and I didn’t like that, I think I bought them cause they were on sale… Anyways. So at first I tried glittering the bottom and it worked out perfectly! But then…. it still felt like it was missing something, so I decided to glitter the whole thing!

You need 3 things:

  • Fine Glitter (your choice in color)
  • Waterproof Mod Podge (I used a glitter one, walked in snow, and it turned out fine)
  • makeup sponge (cheap if you buy at dollarstore)


  1. paint a layer of mod podge on the surface of your shoe
  2. dust a layer of glitter on top
  3. wait until fully dried
  4. repeat if you want a darker shade of glitter
  5. sponge on another layer of mod podge to seal in the glitter

YAY! New shoes! ENJOY!


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