Nail Polish Shelf


I was running out of room with my nail polish collection (yes, I do have a problem), but that doesn’t mean I should be unorganized or unable to see them all! I had an empty corner shelf where I stored all of them, but it bothered me on how messy it looked and couldn’t see all the colors unless you pulled them out. I got the idea of creating a shelf within a shelf, and behold a glorious display!… Just don’t look so closely to see all the terrible mistakes.

I went to the Dollar store to buy some foam boards, they seemed steady enough and also easy to use. I just measured the foam boards and… honestly, guessing the sizes of how high it should be and I lucked out, but that probably resulted in such poor construction upon closer evaluation. All you need is a hot glue gun, exacto knife, ruler, and foam boards to stay organized!

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